Privacy Policy

The privacy policy for exists to provide you with the best possible experience, to learn from your behavior and test new possibilities, without compromising your right to privacy.  To learn from your natural behavior on this website I have to make use of cookies and other trackers. I do hold myself to a high standard and therefore I am very conscious about the information I am asking you to share.

Ensure Privacy

The information I collect on this website will be anonymized. Your privacy is important to me. Therefore I describe the information I collect on this website thoroughly.


By agreeing through the cookie banner, you agreed with this privacy policy and my terms and conditions for this website.


If you require more information or have any questions about this privacy policy. You can contact me by e-mail at me[at]

Monitoring your behavior on my site

On this website Google Analytics, AdWords and the Facebook pixels are installed. These services are installed because of two reasons:

  1. Google Analytics is being used to analyze your behavior on this website. By invisibly tracking your behavior I want to gain insights into the value of my posts, products and services I provide.
  2. The AdWords- and Facebook-pixels are installed on this website to target my own ads in a more meaningful way. By targeting you and people like you I test the value of my posts, products, and services. AdWords and Facebook ads provide me with the possibility to test this.

The information I collect through cookies contains anonymized IP-addresses, the type of browser you use and the pages you visited. I also keep track of which page people visit first and which other pages they visit, before they leave my website. This information is in no way connected to other personal information.

Use of cookies places cookies on your system. I do this to collect information about the pages you and other visitors visit. This way I will get better insights into the effectivity of my pages and posts. I also collect the information your browser shares.

Disabling Cookies

You are free to disable cookies. You can do this by using the options your browser provides to you and by rejecting the privacy policy in the cookie consent banner on the page.

Third-party Cookies

It is possible that third-party cookies, like Google, use my websites for advertising purposes. In some instances, these third parties will place cookies on your machine. I cannot influence these cookies. If these cookies do anything else that I was informed of, I will remove these services as soon as possible.

Advertising does not serve any advertisement on the website as of yet. Because this is an available option to monitize the website, I might decide to do so in the future. If I decide to do this I will change this page acordingly.